Playlist: AOR for adults only

Instead of looking into the future, I prefer wallowing in the past, analysing my memories and feelings buried deep inside, and never crying. I FEEL GREAT. Thus, it’s only appropriate not to let bygones be bygones, and kick things off with an homage to a great, somewhat underrated genre: adult-oriented rock, or AOR if you prefer trendy abbreviations lol. I might have missed the biggest AOR revival craze, but I never claimed to be ”down” with ”trends” or the ”use” of quotation ”marks”.

Example of a poor transition in a text -> Talk about quotes, this week I filled my ”new music facts” QUOTa by googling who Robin Thicke is. My previous level of knowledge was: 1) is aware I’m a good girl and that I want it, 2) likes to rub genitals with Clumsy Rye I (anagram to avoid getting any traffic based on her name) who apparently needs some kind of device to hold her tongue in her mouth, 3) uses the same stylist as Beetlejuice.

Here’s what I learnt from Wikipedia: ”Thicke has said he does not like his music being described as ’blue-eyed soul'”. Well I won’t. In my dictionary, that term is reserved solely to the likes of Hall & Oates, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, and Bobby Caldwell – all of which you can find on this playlist! <- Example of a great transition in a text

AOR, blue-eyed soul, melodic rock, maybe a hint of soft rock… whatever you choose to call it, it’s the guilty pleasure of some and secret of many. It’s what internet radio stations play with a tagline ”All your timeless favourites and forgotten gems from the 70s and 80s”.

Maybe you grew up listening to those soothing tunes. Maybe you remember your parents getting excited about them on the car radio and making you throw up in your mouth a little. And then on the car floor a lot. Don’t deny it: there are a few songs that burnt into your brain’s G-spot. There’s no shame in admitting the joy you derive from this easily approachable genre.

For everyone who shares my AOR weakness, here’s a Spotify playlist to indulge in. Objectively speaking, it’s very good! This is the same sweet stuff CD compilations sold on TV home shopping channels are made of!

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