Crazy Cat Lady’s Christmas Calendar – Day 21

Yesterday’s post had cats dressed as humans, so it’s only fair to follow with humans dressed as cats. Creepy, much?

It is the great thinker Gloria Estefan who once said that rhythm will eventually get you. She had a point, and to prove it, just absorb the highly popular single “Bad Boy” (1985) by Ms Estefan backed up by Miami Sound Machine. The video includes a bunch of Broadway-style, not particularly wholesome cats.

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MtMt’s 15 Favourite Songs of 2013: 15–11

Just when you thought you’re in the clear from yet another year-end list, here’s one more to clutter your news feed. Counting down MtMt’s personal favourite songs of the year, starting with spots 15 through 11.

15. James Blake – ”Retrograde”

“Retrograde” marks a personal milestone – I finally “got” James Blake and thoroughly enjoyed one of his songs instead of just leaving it play in the background. The track hit me pretty hard earlier this year, and it doesn’t hurt that the video is stylish, too.

14. Torres – ”Honey”

Each song on the self-titled lo-fi debut of the 22-year-old Mackenzie Scott aka Torres, was reportedly recorded live in a single take. The angsty “Honey”, much like the whole album, boasts surprisingly mature lyrics for someone so young.

13. Astrid Swan – ”Four Months to Kill”

Another memorable tune from an outstanding female artist, Astrid Swan. The bittersweet “Four Months to Kill” from the Finnish singer-songwriter’s fourth solo album Astrid4 paints a beautiful Nordic landscape filled with drums, horns and tons of emotion.

12. Tycho – ”Awake”

At first, “Awake” by the San Francisco-based electronic producer Scott Hansen aka Tycho doesn’t sound like much – it’s simple, but still completely different from what anyone else makes. This guitar-heavy ambient track grows on you.

11. Lady Gaga – ”Do What U Want”

To counterbalance the list’s otherwise mellow tone so far, here’s something to rock the boat. Yes, I have a soft spot for Lady Gaga. While her new album Artpop was quite blah (my official review), it includes one track I’ve been playing on repeat. “Do What U Want” is corny, sure, but hey; it’s Lady Gaga and R. Kelly! There’s no need to parody these two – the pair does a good job of that themselves.

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Crazy Cat Lady’s Christmas Calendar – Day 20

We’re getting closer to the end (of the calendar, not the world, hopefully), and I’m bringing out the big guns. Quite possibly, today’s window reveals the best music video with cats ever made.

Fatboy Slim reworked ”The Joker” – original one by Steve Miller Band – on his 2004 album Palookaville. The cover version features lead vocals by the legendary Bootsy Collins.

Can you imagine how difficult this video shoot must have been?

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Crazy Cat Lady’s Christmas Calendar – Day 19

Paula Abdul – singer, dancer, choreographer, actress and an original judge on American Idol – was a huge inspiration for me in my childhood. I took up dance classes, and did my best to emulate the moves on the “Straight Up” video. With poor success.

Abdul’s relationship history reveals that she’s been hitched with Emilio Estevez and Arsenio Hall, and apparently MC Skat Kat, possibly the most famous cat in the music industry. Here they are, all happy and cute in 1989, performing a duet, “Opposites Attract”.

I, for one, am eagerly waiting for a reunion.

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Crazy Cat Lady’s Christmas Calendar – Day 18

The video for Best Coast’s superbly naive “Crazy for You” (2010) premiered on I Can Has Cheezburger, the media conglomerate which, to my understanding, is owned by cats. As far as I’m concerned, we should give the whole Internet to cats already.

Singer Bethany Cosentino has admitted that her own cat Snacks is somewhat of a muse to her. In this video, cats are calling all the shots. Don’t they always.

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Crazy Cat Lady’s Christmas Calendar – Day 17

Here’s something blatantly selfish: it’s my birthday today. I’m turning 32, but I like to think of myself as a package of two 16 year olds. Not in physical appearance, of course. On the outside I’m deteriorating like a Da Vinci painting (his earlier work, prior to the Last Supper fame, which is like SO mainstream). It’s more of a reference to my refusal to grow up mentally.

I guess that’s the rationale behind today’s tune, “Teenage Tiger Cat” by CSS. Seemed totally logical in my head at least.

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