MtMt’s 5 Favourite Songs of 2013

Here, oh beautiful readers, is a list of my five favourite songs of 2013. My main motive for listing them is that you wouldn’t have to think for yourself. I’m thoughtful like that.

Previous parts can be found here (#10-#6) and here (#15–#11).

Have a splendid 2014!

5. Poliça – “Chain My Name”

After collaborating with Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon on the single “Tiff”, the American alt-electro group Poliça pumped up the jam with “Chain My Name”. It’s a more dancier track off Shulamith, an album that’s hard to define – except that it’s one of the more memorable ones this year.

4. Twin Shadow – ”Old Love / New Love”

While “Old Love / New Love” off the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack isn’t Twin Shadow’s finest piece of work, it still seems that whatever George Lewis Jr. does, this girl is pissing honey. “Old Love / New Love” always makes me bust out a dance move or two.

3. Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”

Unless you were chained in a basement and/or too busy taking selfies this whole year, there’s no way you could have missed “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. Honestly, I’m still not tired of hearing it. ”Get Lucky” is four minutes of delicious disco fun with the hookiest of hooks.

2. Broken Bells – “Holding On for Life”

Broken Bells, the side project of Danger Mouse and The Shins frontman James Mercer, are returning in 2014 with their second album After The Disco. On the catchy chorus of “Holding On for Life”, the duo does a decent job in channeling Bee Gees, which guarantees that the song gets stuck to your head in a good way. I hope it never gets unstuck.

1. Autre Ne Veut – “Play by Play”

There can only be one number one. Mine is “Play by Play” by Autre Ne Veut (stage name of the American singer Arthur Ashin). Shimmering synths, powerful keyboards and the somewhat cheesy opening moan “baaa-aa-aaaa-byyy” are what seal the deal for this throwback lover.

“Play by Play” is a delightful 80s-inspired juggernaut that just won’t stop! Or it does after three and a half minutes. And that’s its only flaw.