MtMt’s 15 Favourite Songs of 2013: 15–11

Just when you thought you’re in the clear from yet another year-end list, here’s one more to clutter your news feed. Counting down MtMt’s personal favourite songs of the year, starting with spots 15 through 11.

15. James Blake – ”Retrograde”

“Retrograde” marks a personal milestone – I finally “got” James Blake and thoroughly enjoyed one of his songs instead of just leaving it play in the background. The track hit me pretty hard earlier this year, and it doesn’t hurt that the video is stylish, too.

14. Torres – ”Honey”

Each song on the self-titled lo-fi debut of the 22-year-old Mackenzie Scott aka Torres, was reportedly recorded live in a single take. The angsty “Honey”, much like the whole album, boasts surprisingly mature lyrics for someone so young.

13. Astrid Swan – ”Four Months to Kill”

Another memorable tune from an outstanding female artist, Astrid Swan. The bittersweet “Four Months to Kill” from the Finnish singer-songwriter’s fourth solo album Astrid4 paints a beautiful Nordic landscape filled with drums, horns and tons of emotion.

12. Tycho – ”Awake”

At first, “Awake” by the San Francisco-based electronic producer Scott Hansen aka Tycho doesn’t sound like much – it’s simple, but still completely different from what anyone else makes. This guitar-heavy ambient track grows on you.

11. Lady Gaga – ”Do What U Want”

To counterbalance the list’s otherwise mellow tone so far, here’s something to rock the boat. Yes, I have a soft spot for Lady Gaga. While her new album Artpop was quite blah (my official review), it includes one track I’ve been playing on repeat. “Do What U Want” is corny, sure, but hey; it’s Lady Gaga and R. Kelly! There’s no need to parody these two – the pair does a good job of that themselves.


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