Bastille – ”No Angels” (TLC vs The xx)

Do you remember back in the day when TLC didn’t want no scrubs? Double negatives, however, weren’t no problem for the trio.

It’s been a while since I last heard the tune, but today I caught a few seconds of what sounded like a cover of “No Scrubs” on the car radio. The remake turned out to be by Bastille, London-based pop band fronted by producer Dan Smith. The cover, which features vocals by an artist who goes by the name Ella, is a mash-up that also samples “Angels” by The xx. The result is quite spectacular.

The track was released in 2012 already, but I, for one, have missed it. Listen to the ”original” cover version on YouTube, and a plainer version performed by Bastille on SiriusXM satellite radio below. The all-male take on the R&B classic actually works much better.


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