Nousussa: Feelium – Uh-Oh Baby

Olen hypettänyt tätä biisiä jo monta viikkoa blogin kulisseissa ja nyt pääsen vihdoinkin jakamaan sen, jee!

Kyseessä on ruotsalaisen Feeliumin uusi Uh-Oh Baby -sinkku, joka saattaa hyvinkin olla tämän kesän ihanin indienousukas. Pian ilmestyvällä Go Go Soul -albumilla kuultava kappale on monisävyinen sekoitus poppia, alternativea, nostalgiaa ja campia, ja sen teksti kertoo tuhoisasta mutta ah-niin-kuumasta suhteesta.

Feeliumin laulaja-lauluntekijä Simon Folger kuvailee Uh-Oh Babyn syntyprosessia Kuuntelija-blogille näin:

”It was written, as all of the songs on the album, on a long distance relationship as I was studying art in Santa Barbara and Jakob was finishing his masters in philosophy in Amsterdam. Jakob sent me a demo of a song with this sweet and catchy kind of retro piano riff. It instantly made me feel very sassy and I just went with that feeling as I stared singing along to it. We sent some demos of the song back and forth, made some changes and experimented with different drums and samples until we were satisfied. The last thing we added was the outro, that was a last minute thing. During the recording session of the song Jakob went: ”Hey! I forgot I made another part for the song a while ago!”. I scribbled down some lyrics and improvised. After a couple of takes we thought: ”Why not?”.

We recorded the whole album last summer under a period of two weeks as me and Jakob isolated ourselves in a cabin on the countryside. We went up super early in the mornings and fell asleep in front of the fire place every night. We took short breaks where we went swimming in the lake, danced in the rain, fought over some small changes in the songs or just laid in the grass. Very idyllic… Apart from this it was two very fun, challenging and intense weeks. We’ve know each other our whole lives me and Jakob, and Feelium was actually formed on a camping trip, so I think we find a lot of our inspiration in the nature and simple living, just the two of us.”

Kuulostaa siltä, että Feeliumilla on ollut tätä tehdessä aivan helveten hauskaa. Pitkän linjan MIKA-fanina en voi muuta kuin rakastaa näin hassua ja leikkisää musiikkia. Uh-Oh Feelium!

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