Yvonne and the No Regrets – Mark (Part 1)

The idea is neat: love letters in a punk rock envelope.

Using lyrics allegedly based on handwritten love letters Yvonne has received from all around the world, Yvonne and the No Regrets have recorded a collection of thirteen songs that form the band’s debut. The album is appropriately titled Communication through postal services and the songs, I believe, are titled after the admirers who wrote the letters: Demian, Boaz, Adam, David, Mark… 13 raw and high energy, punk rock blasts. Arid and abrasive, these songs will not be the first choice for a prom dance, but sure are a kick in the guts of any heartbroken lover.

Communication through postal services is available in cassette and digitally.

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  1. DJ Gopal kommentoi:

    You should post some music on Soundcloud. That would make it easier for me to create a playlist for my streaming radio show at http://www.savekusf.org (San Francisco Community Radio).


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