Premiere: Valtter Vin – Päiväuni

Valtter Vin promo by Aino Mättö

Earlier this year, here on Rosvot we premiered a song by young producer/songwriter Valtter Vin. We liked quite a lot his sweet, refreshing electro-pop so we are very pleased to bring another of his new songs. The new track is called Päiväuni, which means daydream in Finnish or in a less poetic way, siesta -you gotta love those naps, right?

Anyway, before I digress and daydream, here’s Valtter Vin’s new song. The release note says it’s ‘about longing for the moments you can’t get back and the memories that grow sweeter with time’. This time the song comes with a video. Check it out below.

Photo by Aino Mättö


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