TYYNYT – Pusuudelleen

Even though their sound had already reached our ears earlier this year, Turku-based one man band TYYNYT officially introduce themselves with the debut single Pusuudelleen, a piece of classic 90s shoegaze. The song is built around an unforgettable synth hook and it comes with a soft, cozy, dreamy melody. Incidentally, ‘tyynyt’ means pillows in Finnish.

TYYNYT is the latest project from multi-instrumentalist Jari Oisalo, who already has a good track record in Finnish indie with previous bands like Wojciech, Telenovelas and Stanislaw. Oisalo is now part of the Solina Records family that will release TYYNYT’s first full-length in spring 2015.

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  1. Jyri Jyri kommentoi:

    LOVE this new track. Genius stuff.


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