The Wonderminers – These Fell Off The Shelf

wonderminersHello there, ladies and gents, new and old readers, cosmic friends! This music blog is getting a reboot and finding a new home among the fantastic Rosvot boys and girls. Welcome, stick with me and the rest of the gang.

The journey starts in style with a super elegant track by The Wonderminers, the semi-solo project of singer, songwriter and self-appointed multi-tasker Petri Nakari. The first full-length came out a few week ago and not only carries a superb title, These Fell Off The Shelf, but it also is a beautiful piece of melodic guitar pop. Soft and gentle like a summer night, yet playful and fun, with a slight touch of americana. My kind of music.

You can stream the album below and get a copy of it via Bandcamp.


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