Soul Shine Society – Ain’t Gonna Tell You Twice

Soul Shine SocietyBeer drinker, hell raiser, do not mess up with a Southern rocker because he is not going to tell you twice. Since the accidental moment when I listened to Free Bird for the very first time, I had a soft spot for Southern rock and I can listen often to any of it except Molly Hatchet. Nowadays in Finland nobody does it better than the Soul Shine Society. These seven guys from Tampere know all the tricks in the book and can masterfully recreate the greasy sound from the South, wearing shiny boots, daring to bar fights and playing smoking slide guitar solos.

Soul Shine Society recently released their second full-length, Back Where You Belong, and it is worth a listen for some good time, blues-based classic 70s rock. It goes well with a few shots of your favourite Tennessee drink.

Check out the video for Ain’t Gonna Tell You Twice.


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