Puunhalaaja – Post-it-lappuja


Who’s the tree hugger? The debut album by Puunhalaaja is a mystery, a beautiful one that is. There’s not much information available about Puunhalaaja, the latest addition to Soliti’s roster. No previous recorded music is known, no shows played before. Even the promo picture only let us see a blurry face in the dark. So, who’s the tree hugger?

What we do know is that this artist, whoever he is, has recorded an album born of love and the saturation of jamming, all played, produced and mixed by Puunhalaaja, by himself. The music brings a variety of sounds, bridging the folk tales of Pekka Streng with the fuzzy fantasies of Pavement. Those who understand Finnish can read the artist own description of the music:

”Puunhalaaja on oikeastaan maunulalainen juttu, sillä ilman Maunulaa ja tiettyä possea ei voisi olla näitä biisejä. Albumi syntyi rakkaudesta ja kyllästymisestä jammailuun, ehkä pohjaksi uusille sessioille, kun musiikkia on niin vaikea muuten selittää.”

Puunhalaaja’s self-titled debut will be out on 20 November via Soliti and here you can check out the second single Post-it-lappuja. This song might surprise you by its uncomplicated sound, but will sure quickly grown on you with its easy-going charm.

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