Premiere: Valtter Vin – Sateenkaari

Valtter Vin by Martin Linnankoski

Slowly but surely, Valtter Vin is becoming one of the artists to follow in the Finnish electro pop scene. After working with bands like French Films, in 2014 the producer/singer/songwriter released a few good singles and this week he a has new one called Sateenkaari. Behind the swirling, bright synths, there is a very organic song of pure pop at heart.

The track is the result of a period that the singer spent in solitude, playing music and recording in his cabin, kilometres away from any urban life or even a simple grocery store. Not surprisingly, according to the release note, the song “is about growing apart, when the views of life don’t meet and when constant rush makes ones amorphous”.

Sateenkaari is out this week via VILD Recordings.

Photo by Martin Linnankoski

2 kommenttia kirjoitukseen Premiere: Valtter Vin – Sateenkaari

  1. June June kommentoi:

    Sounding surprisingly good indeed! Thanks for this, I will sure bookmark Valtteri for future records.

    1. Eduardo Alonso Eduardo Alonso kommentoi:

      Yeah, it’s a cool song. I’ll keep an eye on him. I full-length album should arrive this year.


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