Ochre Room – The Fowler

Ochre RoomFolk pop outfit Ochre Room are one of this blog’s favourites thanks to warm, heartfelt tunes, full of emotive harmonies and arrangements. Following their beautiful Box, Bar & Diamond album –one of my favourites last year-, the group releases a 7-inch single for the brand new song The Fowler, including an acoustic version of Blue Devil (from their previous full-length) as the b-side.

The new song carries Ochre Room’s signature sound, with a base of acoustic folk guitar, up front vocal harmonies and beautiful strings that make the song very, very emotive.

The 7-inch vinyl comes with a CD version of the single, with the addition of five songs from the band’s catalogue. Order your copy straight from the record label at the Lumpeela Julkaisut website.

People in Germany, listen up! Ochre Room are heading your way in the coming weeks for a few dates across the country, starting tomorrow in Hamburg. The 7-inch vinyl will be available at the merch table.

Check out now the video directed by Sami Pöyry. It is very fitting for a rainy day -and we are having plenty of those here in Helsinki.

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