Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom

Synth trio Nightsatan debut as movie starts in the post-apocalyptic film Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom, an adventure of cannibalism, violence and old-fashioned synth galore set in the post-apocalypse year of 2034 in the Finnish province of Karelia. There’s no better companion for the trio’s cinematic laser metal than a movie inspired by 80s Italian science fiction and the films of John Carpenter and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Writer and filmmaker CHRZU directed the film and Nightsatan star in it and provide the soundtrack with a good amount of synth-metal riffs and spooky atmospheres. The soundtrack album features full-length versions of all tracks from the movie.

The album and the movie will come together in a package out on 9 May.


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