Morsian – Intri

Morsian - Intri EP

Fronted by Panu Räisänen, Helsinki-based outfit Morsian have released an emotive debut EP entitled Intri. Barely 15 minutes, Intri is a beautiful and poignant piece of music, inspired by the introspective cries of Nick Drake and the soundscapes of Sigúr Ros and Sufjan Stevens. The band even dares to label this EP as angel music.

What I really like about it is how it flows, every song follows the previous, softly, seamlessly. Rather than being four different, unconnected songs, the EP is a whole suite, to be listened as a whole work as it reaches climax in the closing Orphan Hymn #2. Very touching music.

Check out below Irtri. It is also available on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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