Merries – Travel To The Sun

Merries - Travel To The Sun

The recipe for a good power pop song is very simple. You need a catchy (pop) melody and some (sweet) vocal harmonies, driven by melodic (power) guitars. All these elements are very much present in Travel The The Sun, the new single by Helsinki six piece band Merries. Fronted by siblings Juha and Milla Härmä (careful with that!) and inspired by indie rock bands like The Lemonheads, Merries are set to release their second album this summer. This will be great for a sunny Saturday morning.

A very limited 7’’ vinyl single is available in different colours of wax via Royal Mint Records. Known for putting out an intense show, Merries will play at Tallinn Music Week on 2 April.

Check out below the 90s-inspired video and you’ll find yourself humming the song next time you look at a bunch of bananas.

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