Jukka Ja Jytämimmit – Jytä-Yamaha

Jukka ja jytämimmitRock it like it’s the summer of 1976. In just a few months, Jukka Ja Jytämimmit have become the most exciting, strangest and flamboyant Finnish rock and roll band at the moment. This power trio has the riffs and the melodies, but above all, this band’s got balls: 100% good old rock and roll attitude, including the jumpsuits.

The band got together last year around the time when singer and guitar player Jukka Nousiainen released his outstanding solo album Huonoa Seuraa, a collection of songs which draw inspiration from 70s Finnish rock. With the help of the Jytämimmit rhythm section (girls Mara Balls, bass and Raaka-Gini, drums), Jukka has shifted up a gear to record a follow-up that rocks harder and louder. Wrapped in a retro production, this batch of new songs present  some Hurriganes inspired boogie and Love Records type of prog-rock that, even if you do not speak any Finnish, is some of the catchiest music you’ll hear this year.

Check out below one of the songs from Jukka ja Jytämimmit debut album Jytää vaan

Kuva: Teuvo Karjalainen


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