Hexvessel – Earth Above Us


Come January eco-psychedelic-folk-rock band Hexvessel will return with a new album called When We Are Death. This is the band’s first full-length since 2012’s No Hollier Temple and the first recordings after vocalist Mat McNerney went to explore the apocalypse with post punks Grave Pleasures and its previous incarnation Beastmilk.

But if Grave Pleasure is the apocalypse, Hexvessel tries to prevent it with a sonic communion with nature. Hexvessel allows McNerney to go back to classic 70s sounds, inspired by forest and nature. Earth Above Us is the first single off the new album and even though it has pretty uncomplicated structure and arrangement, the track explores irresistible late 60s California psychedelic vibes, dominated by steamy B3 organ sound, and acid guitar solos.

You can still pre-order When We Are Dead via Pledge Music and get some additional goodies. And you better do it because 10%of all proceeds will go towards the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, who work to protect the Finnish forests.

Listen below to Earth Above Us and be transported to the deepest of the Finnish forest.

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