Heavy Tiger – Saigon Kiss

Heavy Tiger - Photo by Peder Carlsson
Stockholm’s Heavy Tiger have done their share of time on the road since they formed in 2010 at the age of 17. This Saturday they return to Finland to present their debut album, Saigon Kiss, released a few weeks ago. These three girls are one generation (or two) younger than the 1990s wave of Scandinavian rock and roll, but the trio remains true to the tradition of fast high energy punkish songs with a twist of power pop melodies and easy to sing choruses. In fact, the big brother of Saigon Kiss could easily be The Hellacopters’ Rock & Roll Is Dead album and its sweetened guitar rock sound.

The album release gig is this Saturday at Bar Loose in Helsinki and here are some reasons why you should not miss it:

  • With only nine songs in under 30 minutes, Saigon Kiss is a fast, energetic, rocking album.
  • Kiss-influenced vocals.
  • Thin Lizzy-inspired guitars (listen to Mover or the closer track Talk of the Town).
  • Girls Got Balls… or so track seven says.
  • Stylish and uniformed stage presence (watch video below).
  • More cowbell. Several songs feature a healthy dose of cowbell (listen to 7 Days Fool)
  • Heavy Tiger loves Finland – The last time these girls played in Finland (just a couple of months ago opening for Nicke Andersson’s Imperial State Electric), the band improvised a little song about their tour itinerary so the show might have some surprises.
  • It’s a Saturday night rock and roll show. Grab a drink.


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