Flow 2015: 10 Finnish acts to see

Rosvojen FlowYou’ve heard about it, it’s Flow time! Have you prepared your festival schedule?

The biggest music festival in Helsinki is happening this weekend and everything seems set for dancing, mingling and partying. Tickets are almost gone, the weatherman predicts sun and a warm breeze and the offer of restaurants is almost as impressive as the music line-up. I can’t wait for some tacos in the sun!

But back to the music. With a programme that includes hundreds of hours of music, it is very easy to get lost and miss out on that special gig everyone will talk about next week, so here come some tips. In addition to some personal favourites who will return to the Flow stage, like Mirel Wagner, Black Lizard, K-X-P and Timo Lassy, below you can read my picks amongst the Finnish acts to enjoy three days of sun, music and tacos.

Manna (reason to get early on Friday)

After three albums, Manna already has enough good songs that drift from classic guitar driven indie rock to soft electronic experiments. This year, her gig at Flow promises to be something else when the singer will perform her latest album, and some old songs, with strings arrangements.

Olavi Louhivuori

A Drummer, a composer and a producer. Olavi Louhivuori creates something completely different., blending electronic soundscapes and imaginative drum beats and groove.

Jukka Ja Jytämimmit

As explained before, Jukka Ja Jytämimmit are my favourite and the greatest Finnish rock band at the moment. Crazy, high-energy, 70s prog-rock. ‘Nuff said.

Cats of Transnistria

You may have troubles spelling their name, but the duo comprising Tuomas Alatalo and Henna Hietamäki can melt your heart and spook your soul with some beautiful songs of dark and intriguing atmosphere.

Dave Lindholm (reason to get early on Saturday)

The man is a legend. For over forty years, Dave Lindholm has been composing astonishing folk and blues songs with a tasteful acoustic slide guitar of Mississippi Delta inspiration.



Sometimes it feels that many artists playing at Flow are too sophisticated and serious (ok, this year we have CHIC), but for something real silly fun, go and pogo dance to the punk rock of Seksihullut. Good times.

Lasten Hautausmaa

The band carries the most brutal and sad name ever, Lasten Hautausmaa (Children’s Graveyard) but no, they don’t play black metal. Instead the music combines some beautiful harmonies and melodies with a sense of urgency and desperation.

Janne Westerlund 

Like Dave Lindholm, singer-songwriter Janne Westerlund will provide a laid-back start of the day with his acoustic murder ballads sung with a raspy voice. Banjo included.


Everybody needs some power pop in their lives right? That’s why you need the sweet melodies and guitars of Lokit.

An army of DJs

Put your dancing shoes and show your best moves like a Soul Train star,  A selection of the best DJs in Helsinki’s nightlife will keep the party going. From the soul and girl bands played by You Are The Light to the techno and house of Emma Valtonen to the r’n’b of DJ duo D.R.E.A.M., there’s a beat for everyone