Café de Abejas – The Captain & The Widow

cafe_de_abejasCafé de Abejas is a jolly cabaret pop duo that last year released its debut titled Mascot Moth, a collection of intimate songs evoking beautiful times of chanson, poetry and film noir. The duo not only crafts very emotive songs and has great songwriting chops, but also knows how to mix, stir and shake a good cocktail. Along with the album you may order a little booklet with twelve recipes especially designed to suit the mood of the album.

A few weeks ago, Café de Abejas presented a new video for the song The Captain & The Widow, in which both musicians engage in a moving interplay of love and despair.

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  1. June June kommentoi:

    Very ethereal! And the cocktail booklet sounds rather interesting too.

  2. Eduardo Alonso Eduardo Alonso kommentoi:

    I would really like to taste that special strawberry gin.


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