Black Twig – Sunday TV


Sunday TV is the last track off Black Twig’s third full-length Blaze on a Plain and closes an album, which is packed with uplifting, easy-going guitar pop sounds. Possibly the strongest batch of songs the band has produced.

According to the media blurb, Blaze on a Plain is self-recorded, self-produced and self-engineered, in true DIY fashion manner. This time the band recorded over a longer period of time, but playing mostly live, with minimal overdubs. The immediacy and simplicity show throughout the album, with the songs flowing at a fast pace, but always sounding very relaxed. Despite a few interludes of fuzzy guitars, Black Twig always puts melody first at all times and that makes the music pleasant and very agreeable. Definitely, this is a bunch of songs to listen on a sunny day by the pool or lake, drinking a glass of lemonade.

Blaze on a Plain is out now on vinyl, cassette and digital via Soliti.

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