Mirel Wagner – The Dirt

Mirel Wagner
By now you may know that folk singer Mirel Wagner writes gloomy, dark lyrics, often dealing with death, and you may also know that she performs them in a sparse, lo-fi manner, often not requiring more than her whispering voice and a few notes of her acoustic guitar. Now the singer also visualises her own songs as she co-directed with Aki Roukala the video for her latest single The Dirt. You guessed it. The clip also has a grim, spooky feel, set in an abandoned house where the spirits of a mother and a child seem to rest. This is not Saturday night music, but the songs are timeless as well-aged blues and folk.

The singer latest album When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day is out now on Sub Pop.

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Flannelmouth – Forgotten Tapes


Flannelmouth have adorned the Helsinki music scene for some time now with pretty, elegant indie pop as their two outstanding albums testify. Finally back with the first taste of a new album, the band is embracing a more straightforward, guitar-driven sound, leaving behind the extended sound palette of previous recordings. With a catchy chorus, Forgotten Tapes is pretty rocking song but Tuomo Kuusi’s vocals retain their charismatic melancholy to keep the band’s self-imposed label of optimistic drep-pop.

Flannelmouth’s third album is set to be out later in the autumn.

Check out the video directed by Finn Andersson and see the lonely vocalist singing to old tape recorder.

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Flow Festival: 10 Finnish acts to see

Glue: Flow Festival:  10 Finnish acts  to see
Festival goers, make yourselves pretty, this weekend it’s Flow time. The festival located between gasometers at an old power plant in Suvilahti has become in Helsinki’s most important summer festival -at least for non metalheads, and it is a great showcase opportunity for Finnish bands.

Check out below the ten must-see Finnish acts playing at Flow this year.

Magenta Skycode
After nearly ten years together, Turku band Magenta Skycode will call it quits at the of this year. Their precious dreamy sounds will shine once again at Flow festival before a final show later in the year.

Mirel Wagner
With her second album about to hit the stores, songtress Mirel Wagner returns to Flow and gets a prime time slot at the beautiful Balloon 360° stage under the night sky. In such a setting, her strip-down folk tales will create a magical and emotional show.

Riitaoja reunites a bunch of experienced Finnish musicians got together last year and released a collection of shivery songs, rooted in dark blues and folk.

Earlier this year, Regina’s singer Iisa Pykäri released her debut solo album, which is a laid-back electro pop affair with sweet beautiful melodies.

Noah Kin
Finnish-Nigerian rapper Noah Kin was one of the most acclaimed acts at last year’s Open Source Stage, so this year he returns to Flow to present his latest release Now You See in a bigger stage. Future hip hop star in the making.

Astrid Swan
After being forced to cancel a few shows earlier this year due to health reasons, it is a great joy to see Astrid Swan return to the stage at Flow Festival. The piano-driven pop songs of her last album Astrid4 will sound playful again.

Labelled as punk-jazzers, the trio Mopo are too much fun to miss. Saxophonist Linda Fredriksson leads the way supported by a smoking in-your-face rhythm section.

The apocalypse post-punk of Beastmilk is one of the most hard-rocking offers at Flow. The band is spending most of this year on the road presenting their debut album Climax, so the guys should be in pretty good form to offer an epic show before the world ends.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Once a tram driver, electro-pop artist Jaakko Eino Kalevi has been releasing plenty of music for some years and he finally attracted some good attention with his latest release, the Dreamzone EP, which contains the enchanting and dreamy single No End. Following his gig at Flow, everything is line up to hit big with his debut album, out soon.

Gim Kordon
The hipsterest of the all the hipsters. Gim Kordon shook the Helsinki underground scene this spring with their 90s inspired alternative rock. Like Dinosaur Jr and The Lemonheads singing in Finnish.

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Black Lizard – Burning

Black Lizard by Eetu Maaranen

Hooray! My favourite psychedelic rockers Black Lizard will release a new EP next week and today they unveil its title track with a new video. The song, fittingly named Burning after a hot summer, retains all the elements you come to love about Black Lizard, the hypnotic rhythm, the psyched guitars and the eerie vocals are still there, but according to the band the EP will bring more prominent electronic elements and disguised voices. The Burning EP is a short pit stop before releasing a full-length album in early 2015. That date can’t come quickly enough.

The video, directed by Finnish photographer Katariina Salmi, brings a weird obsession with the yellow colour, which makes things strikingly odd. Paint it yellow!

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Teksti-TV 666 – 1

Teksti-tv 666
Helsinki band Teksti-TV 666 (remember teletext?) not only have one of the coolest names ever, but they also make some sick loud noise as they prove in their debut EP, simply titled 1. The EP includes four songs that sound like if J Mascis would be playing in The Stooges back in 1969. The music is raw and powerful, but it also bears a good deal of melody to get you hooked on it.

1 is the first in a series of three EPs and you can listen to it below. If you like it enough, the EP is also available on vinyl.

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