23:23 – Teenage Wife

23:23Beside his full-time commitment as a member of dream pop outfit Delay Trees, Rami Vierula frequently releases one-man-does-it-all homemade recordings using the moniker of 23:23, in honour to the time of the day when this music is created. Teenage Wife is the latest single from the upcoming new album Drifter, out very soon via Bandcamp. Like previous 23:23 releases, the track has a very lo-fi feel, like sketches from the basement, and showcases an interesting combination of 50s-sounding Buddy Holly-influenced guitar work and dreamy melodies.

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What to see at Lost in Music?

Lost in Music '14Starting today, the lovely city of Tampere hosts a new edition of Lost in Music, the biggest showcase festival in Finland. For the rest of the week, all the venues around the city will be filled at night with the best music made in Finland, while during the day industry boys and girls network and enjoy themselves at the Music & Media conference. Finally, on Saturday the industry awards winners will be revealed and as you may know, Rosvot are hoping to take home the best online media award (Hooray!).

The line-up is massive and diverse, any genre is represented to offer a good view on the state of Finnish music. Many of my favourite bands will be there, but Lost in Music is a good opportunity to just pop into any venue and discover new artists. What to see? Fellow Rosvo Mira already wrote a little guide and below there’s my  handpicked list of new(-ish) bands that will play something new and different.

Have you ever seen the Jane Fonda aerobic VHS?

Yes, this band bears the most WTF? name ever, and indeed, its sound is a little WTF? too. Guitar-less, Casio-based garage pop. Nevertheless, Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? is a lot of fun.

Steve ’n’ Seagulls

Their hillbilly covers of hard rock and metal anthems (Iron Maiden’s The Trooper, ACDC’s Thunderstruck, Dio’s Holy Diver) became YouTube hits in just a few days. Now Steve ’n’ Seagulls leave the barn and takes their banjos and mandolins to the stage.

Santa Cruz

Vice magazine already told us how Helsinki became the last frontier for hair metal bands. It is the Sunset Strip of Europe. With their gorgeous long blonde hair, Santa Cruz bring a modern spin to the genre while respecting every cliché.

Polar Motor

How wouldn’t you be interested in a band that echoes the ELO and good old AOR? Polar Motor offer classic pop sound like if it would be 1979 all over again.

Red Moon Architect

For more serious matters -and any respectable death metal is serious, Red Moon Architect  play the monster guitar riffs, in a slow tempo to serve the growled vocals. However, they do it in a very melodic way which makes the music a very approachable touch.

New Deadline

Punk rock, DIY attitude, melody. That’s it. New Deadline do not need groundbreaking elements to deliver a loud, raw, bold, energetic sound. For fans of NOFX and early Green Day.

Heavyweight DJs

Those who do not dig loud guitars can dance to the wild rhythms of Heavyweight DJs. These four performers promise a “true rock ’n’ roll spirit with the stage divings, flying TVs and rest of the madness in the live act”.

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Los Culitos – Follamigo

Los CulitosSpanish-singing Finnish punk rock band Los Culitos have just dropped a new song and it is a rocking ode to uncomplicated, casual, no strings attached sex. The music is equally casual and uncomplicated. Starting off with a cowbell bang, Follamigo (“fuckbuddy, that is”) is a raw, high energy, two-minute punk song with a thrilling guitar riff and pogo inviting chorus. The lyrics describe bluntly how a ‘follamigo’ is and what he is good for. What was that saying about Spanish being the loving tongue?

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TYYNYT – Pusuudelleen

Even though their sound had already reached our ears earlier this year, Turku-based one man band TYYNYT officially introduce themselves with the debut single Pusuudelleen, a piece of classic 90s shoegaze. The song is built around an unforgettable synth hook and it comes with a soft, cozy, dreamy melody. Incidentally, ‘tyynyt’ means pillows in Finnish.

TYYNYT is the latest project from multi-instrumentalist Jari Oisalo, who already has a good track record in Finnish indie with previous bands like Wojciech, Telenovelas and Stanislaw. Oisalo is now part of the Solina Records family that will release TYYNYT’s first full-length in spring 2015.

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The Passives EP

The PassivesIndie rockers The Passives play a little bit rough and raw, but the songs of their three-track debut have enough hooks and melody to make things catchy. With that extra punch, in just two songs The Passives embrace punk, alternative rock, garage and grunge Mudhoney style, before wrapping the EP up with a sweet (and surprising) acoustic ballad.

You can listen below the self-produced, self-released The Passives EP.

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