Premiere: Valtter Vin – Sateenkaari

Valtter Vin by Martin Linnankoski

Slowly but surely, Valtter Vin is becoming one of the artists to follow in the Finnish electro pop scene. After working with bands like French Films, in 2014 the producer/singer/songwriter released a few good singles and this week he a has new one called Sateenkaari. Behind the swirling, bright synths, there is a very organic song of pure pop at heart.

The track is the result of a period that the singer spent in solitude, playing music and recording in his cabin, kilometres away from any urban life or even a simple grocery store. Not surprisingly, according to the release note, the song “is about growing apart, when the views of life don’t meet and when constant rush makes ones amorphous”.

Sateenkaari is out this week via VILD Recordings.

Photo by Martin Linnankoski

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Roan – Sunday Boy EP

DIY, one-man band Roan released its homemade debut, called Sunday Boy EP, which includes four happy feel-good guitar pop tunes, written and recorded by Joonas Jalonen. The songs are inspired by British indie, with warm melodies, sunny guitars and your must-have twist of Nordic melancholia.

Currently, Jonas is looking for bandmates to expand his project and get the show on the road, so drop him a line if you feel up to the challenge. In the meantime, listen to Sunday Boy EP below.

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Cats of Transnistria – Away EP

Photo Sofia Okkonen

Photo Sofia Okkonen

Cats Of Transnistria are the duo formed by Henna Emilia Hietamäki and Tuomas Alatalo and today they are releasing their debut. It is said to be an EP, but at nearly 30 minutes and with a thematic and musical unity, I do not have a problem considering this release a full-length album. The four songs that comprise the Away EP create a dark, suffocating atmosphere that develops slowly until it becomes an hypnotic drone. At the same time the dynamics and the dreamy vocals add certain relief, certain beauty. This is music to enjoy slowly, preferably late at night, in a calm setting, with your eyes closed.

Cats of Transnistria were one of my five Finnish artists to watch in 2015, and the Away EP confirms that the duo is heading in the right direction. It will be very interesting to see how this music evolves in the future. Like fellow Rosvo Jukka Tulensytyttäjä says in his review, time will tell.

Unfortunately, this is only a digital release, with no CD and/or vinyl version available. You can buy the EP with just three euros straight from the Soliti web. Or if you’re cheap, you can stream the whole EP on Spotify below.

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Sofa Pets – Awesome Time Part

Sofa PetsI am always up for some sweet guitar pop and this is exactly what five-piece band Sofa Pets (another great band name) is offering on the new single from their upcoming debut EP. Using loud guitars and a delicious power pop melody, Awesome Time Part makes a mighty ode to that long distance love we all experience sooner or later.

According to the bio text, Sofa Pets was formed last spring and are a group of individuals sharing a mutual passion for atmospheric guitar music and trying to reflect these feelings in their music.

Sofa Pets debut EP will be out in February on cassette and digital via VILD Recordings.

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The Shangri Blahs – Sä et Markku tiedä kaikkee

The Shangri Blahs
Isn’t this an awesome band name? The Shangri Blahs, also known as The Men Who Fell Prey To The Socio-Economic Bipolarisation Of The Polar Circle, play classic three-chord ’77 punk with a strong sense of melody to make very catchy pogo songs, not far from the Rancid neighbourhood. This is the simple recipe of the band’s  new EP called Rankka päivä after the Finnish title of the Michael Douglas film Falling Down. It’s the group’s first release in Finnish and it could easily follow the steps of Pää Kii success.

The Shangri Blahs will play live in Helsinki this Thursday at Henry’s Pub.

Check out the lead single below. It rocks.

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