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Rosvot – Bandits

Rosvot is a blog portal created and administered by the music bloggers themselves. The site brings 18 Finnish music blogs together. Each Bandit has their own ‘thing’ – be it a given genre, breathtaking gig photography or excitement over fresh and new music. Get to know the whole gang here!

Rosvot was developed to counterbalance the stern and rigid rock ‘n’ roll police, the establishment of music journalism as it were. The site was born out of excitement and enthusiasm for music, and the need to share that feeling. We here at Rosvot want to create unlawfully good content which brings the artists, readers and bloggers on the same level.

Jyri Öhman (1000 Sparks), Anna Nevalainen (säv. san. sov.) – both bloggers themselves – and Tomi Mustikka (formerly a blogger with Rosvot) are responsible for the site’s administration and maintenance.

Media, marketing and cooperation

Whether you are an artist, advertiser, publicist or a journalist, the Bandits are more than happy to share their schemes with you.

The Rosvot photo bank for media purposes can be found here. If you have any further questions, inquiries or interrogation requests, please send email to: rosvot(at)

Interested in cooperating with us? Feel free to contact any of the bloggers or the administrators. If need be, the admins will forward your message to the blogger. Contact information can be found conveniently on the sidebar.

Writing for Rosvot?

Rosvot is constantly on the lookout for new writers. If you’re familiar with writing about music and want to join us, let us know via email: rosvot(at)