Unelmakeikkoja, Osa II

Tajusimme Junen kanssa, että Unelmakeikkojalistoiltammehan jäi uupumaan vaikka kuinka monia artisteja/bändejä, jotka haluaisimme ehdottomasti nähdä! Kymmenen ei  riitä mihinkään, joten nyt seuraa osa kaksi. Listasin lisäksi jokaisen artistin/bändin kohdalle ne kymmenen biisiä, jotka haluaisin eniten kuulla keikalla. Näistä osa on varmaankin jäänyt uupumaan ensimmäiseltä listalta jo sen vuoksi, että olen tippunut artistin/bändin kelkasta vuosien saatossa enkä ole kuunnellut uusimpia levyjä juurikaan. Realistista on, että tänä vuonna voisi nähdä livenä Queens of the Stone Agen ja Sarah Blaskon, jos aussitar keikkailee uuden levynsä tiimoilta Euroopassa.


40 Miles From The Sun. Letting The Cables Sleep. Chemicals Between Us. Out Of This World. Glycerine. Machinehead. Comedown. Swallowed. Everything Zen. Bonedriven.



No One Knows. Go With The Flow. Burn The Witch. Little Sister. Everybody Knows That You’re Insane. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer. Make It With Chu. Goin’ Out West. The Way You Used To Do. Villains of Circumstance.


All I Want.  Down On Love. No Turning Back.  Bird On A Wire.  Sleeper Awake.  God-Fearing. The Garden’s End. Phantom. A Shot. Illusory Light.


I’m Only Happy When It Rains. Stupid Girl. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing. Push It.  Queer. I Think I’m Paranoid. A Stroke Of Luck. You Look So Fine. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed. Amends.


Nobody’s Wife. Sacrifice. Tom Waits. Michel. Urban Solitude. My Best Wasn’t Good Enough. Margarita Chum. Bigger Side. Everything. If I Go. 


Orchid. Quiet Heroes. Speak So We Hear. Boys Don’t Learn. Lost. Through My Skin. Empty Headed Cowboys. No White Horse. Treasure. Ten Seconds. 


The Strangest Things. Haunted. The Gilded Hand. Ghost Towns. The Dead Waltz. Rivers In The Dust. All Is Well (It’s Only Blood). We’re On Our Way. Welcome Home, Son. Doorways.



Black Flies. Oars In The Water. Esmeralda. In Dreams. End Of The Affair. Small Things. These Waters. Old Pine. The Wolves. Keep Your Head Up. 


Vermillion. Walk The River. Dancing In The Devils Shoes. If The World Ends. Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down. Southern Winds. Outside. Yesterday Is Dead. Don’t Feel Amazing Now. I Must Be A Lover.


Angel. Full Of Grace. Do What You Have To Do. Adia. Witness. Ice. Elsewhere. Blue. Fear. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. 

Dream gigs part two (part one by me here and by June here! Some of these are artists/bands I’ve loved for many many years but whose latest albums I haven’t listen to at all or very very little. I also made a list of ten songs I’d like to hear if I ever saw her/him/them live.