Soittolistaviikko: 30-Day-Song-Challenge

Tein äskettäin oman Instagramini puolella  30-Day-Song -haasteen, joten päätin jakaa sen täällä bloginkin puolella.



DAY 1 – A song you like with a color in the title (A Perfect Circle – Blue)
DAY 2 – A song you like with a number in the title (Fionn Regan – 100 Acres of Sycamore)
DAY 3 – A song that reminds you of summertime (Ben Howard – Hot Heavy Summer)
DAY 4 – A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget (Deftones – Change)
DAY 5 – A song that needs to be played loud (The National – Turtleneck)
DAY 6 – A song that makes you want to dance (David Bowie – Let’s Dance)
DAY 7 – A song to drive to (Mark Lanegan – Ode To Sad Disco)
DAY 8 – A song about drugs or alcohol (QOTSA – Feel Good Hit of the Summer)
DAY 9 – A song that makes you happy (Belle & Sebastian – The Boy With the Arab Strap)
DAY 10 – A song that makes you sad (Manboy – I Need Fixing / Mar – Sigga)
DAY 11 – A song you never tired of (Damien Rice – 9 Crimes/Keaton Henson – To Your Health)
DAY 12 – A song from your preteen years (Garbage – As Heaven Is Wide)
DAY 13 – A song you like from the 70’s (Elton John – Tiny Dancer)
DAY 14 – A song you’d love to be played at your wedding (Anna Puu – Sinä olet minä)
DAY 15 – A song you like that’s a cover by another artist (Ryan Adams – Wonderwall)
DAY 16 – A song that’s a classic favorite (The Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin)
DAY 17 – A song you’d sing a duet with someone on karaoke (She & Him – Lotta Love)
DAY 18 – A song from the year you were born (The Smiths – How Soon Is Now)
DAY 19 – A song that makes you think about life (Bright Eyes – No One Would Riot For Less)
DAY 20 – A song that has many meaning s to you (Foals – Spanish Sahara)
DAY 21 – A song you like with a person’s name in the title (Tori Amos – Josephine)
DAY 22 – A song that moves you forward (Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out)
DAY 23 – A song you think everybody should listen to (SMG-Lopulta olemme kuitenkin yksin)
DAY 24 – A song by a band you wish were still together (Silverchair – Emotion Sickness)
DAY 25 – A song you like by an artist no longer living (Skeeter Davis – The End of the World)
DAY 26 – A song that makes you want to fall in love (Lisa Hannigan – I Don’t Know)
DAY 27 – A song that breaks your heart (Chelsea Wolfe – They’ll Clap When You’re Gone)
DAY 28 – A song by an artist whose voice you love (Patrick Wolf – Wind in the Wires)
DAY 29 – A song you remember from your childhood (Topi Sorsakoski&Agents-Salattu suru)
DAY 30 – A song that reminds you of yourself (Sara – Synkimmät pilvet)
DAY 31 – A song that comforts your soul (Coldplay – Help Is Round the Corner)

I did this 30-day-song-challenge over on my own Instagram a few weeks ago.