Aihe: Holy Ghost!

MtMt’s 15 Favourite Songs of 2013: 10–6

Maria / Music to Meow to
26.12.2013. 14:37

10. Kanye West – “I Am a God” Renaissance Man Kanye West released yet another album this year, and of course, it turned out to be [»]

Holy Ghost! – Dynamics (2013)

Maria / Music to Meow to
8.11.2013. 17:28

Pic via If 80s nostalgia is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. My deepest wish is that it never goes [»]

Fast Show #3

Juhani / Slow Show
20.9.2013. 15:23

Ja niin, helpottava perjantai oli jälleen tuleva materiaksi ja musiikiksi. Tuttuun tapaan pidetään valinnat tiukkoina ja [»]